From 28th August until 03rd September Europe's best Paint-riders met in Ostbayernhalle Rieden / Kreuth for the 17th European Paint Horse Championships.

Well-tried and new things happened this year. There were cows, Minions and Pikachu in the Nationscup, the show had more than 1000 APHA starts for the first time, the Youth World Games where held outside the US for the first time and Israeli riders started for the first time at a Euro Paint.

With 270 listed horses and 1,400 starts it was clear long before the event that it would be the largest Euro Paint in history. Last year the number of participants were similarly high, but then the Equine Infectious Anemia throw a spanner in our plans. This year everything was perfect and maybe the Euro Paint made it also on place 1 of the APHA annual rankings. We are curious, then in the end we were around 1,200 APHA starts.

Despite the novelty that from Monday on the outdoor arena with a permanent Warm Up Trail was available, were already had more than 80 Paid Warm Up Trail starts on Saturday. Together with the other Paid Warm Ups Ostbayernhalle was occupied almost all day on Saturday. Since the permanent Trail Warm Up area was so well received, it will certainly continue to be offered.

On Sunday, the day began with the PHCG Futurity. Here prize money of 25.000 Euros was paid out in the various disciplines and both the Weanlings and the Futurity Pleasure and Reining winners received beautiful trophies from Ellen Welten. Following the cattle classes should be held, but due to the large head the starters agreeed to scratch the classes for the benefit of cows. Thanks to all that this was so uncomplicated. But then the first European Champions in Ranch Riding and Reining already followed and the day took a relatively early end. That can not be said of the following days, unfortunately. Although the schedule already included another day, the days did not end before 22:00. This is the price for such a high number of entries and strictly speaking it was also only half a day more available because of the YWG. But despite the late times nobody lost the fun and that's nice to see.

Thursday started with the first Youth World Games outside the US. With 14 teams, the largest Youth World Games that ever existed. Congratulations to Team USA to win the games. Subsequently, the Trail Challenge took place with a prize of 5,000 Euros. Nina Leiner on Like Smokin Gun was able to prevail against 24 other participants and won the first place. Shortly after the Challenge we continued with the Nations Cup. With 9 teams also one of the largest ever. Like every year, the teams gave a lot of trouble with their costums and as you could see from the scores, even with their performance. Here and there you got liquor and participants and spectators had a lot of fun. A dancing Minion as a judge in the Showmanship can certainly comprise only the Euro Paint. At the end, the German team won just ahead of Austria and the Czech Republic. As part of the award ceremony of the Nations Cup, the teams of the Youth World Games were honored. As mentioned previously occupied Team USA took first place and Team Germany could still occupy a 7th place after unfortunately the gate had fallen in the Trail. A detailed report on the Youth World Games will undoubtedly be followed by those in charge later.

After the Nationscup a big BBQ, sponsored by PHCG, with round about 500 guests took place. After a few years there was also live music again with the Flatliners Duo. Finest New Country cover songs and some guests even found their way on the dance floor. Unfortunately, we could not celebrate so long because the next morning began as always early. Friday and Saturday then followed again some new European Champions. This year, all European Champions could again enjoy Bucas blankets and some got even more prices of Show Tack Hackl, Equitana, Derby or Heutoy. A special highlight was certainly a sponsored electric scooter by Automitstern in the Green Western Pleasure. This year for the first time all silver and bronze medal winners also got a prize. For this we like to thank our other sponsors Blue Hors Care, Das Gesunde Pferd, Equiva, Feed My Animal, Gege Reitsport, Kebo, Mühldorfer Pferdefutter and OS Western Sports Apparel. There hadn't been so many prizes in the previous years also.

At this point we would like to thank all participants as well as our team members, who despite the long days never lost the good mood. There is no greater praise than participants who say that they have felt comfortable.

Meanwhile, now all the results, Medalist, All-Around and High Points are online. It will take a few days until we can send out the ribbons for the all-arounds and Buckles for the High Points. Here we ask you to be patient. Click here for the results. 

Save next years date: 28.08-03.09.2017! Great sport and fun will meet again in Kreuth!