Reining Challenge 1600

Green Reining, Amateur Color Classes and new Masters Classes

This year the schedule has been expanded by a few classes.

Green Reining 
While there has been a green class for all other disciplines for a long time, APHA 2019 is offering Green Reining for the first time. Both junior and senior horses are allowed to start here. All horses (no matter how old) may be shown in this class one-handed in the bit or two-handed in the snaffle. Horses that have not yet won 10 points in Reining classes in previous years are eligible to start. Horses that have already won a bronze EWU horse medal Reining or 2500 USD are not eligible to start.


Amateur Tobiano & Overo Color Class
As an Open class, the Tobiano and Overo Color Class have been offered for a long time. This year we also added the classes in the Amateur division.


Master Classes
In recent years, Hunt Seat Equitatiton, Showmanship, Western Horsemanship and Trail have already been offered as Masters classes. This year, Western Pleasure, Hunter Under Saddle and Western Riding will be added.

Any amateur who was 45 years old or older on January 1, 2019 can decide to start in the Amateur or the Masters class. This has to be decided individually for each discipline.

But a Masters exhibitor can also show 2 horses in group/rail classes such as Horsemanship, one in the amateur and one in the Masters.

In individual classes such as Trail or Western Riding, it is even possible to introduce up to 3 horses. However, each horse can only be presented once in the discipline. How the horses are split between Amateur or Master is left to the exhibitor.