The announcement for this years Euro Paint and PHCG Futurity is online.

You will find the announcement and the schedule under Documents

While we need some more time for the entry forms you can use this time to check if you have a current membership and (Novice-) Amateur/Youth card.

NoviceAmateur  Novice Youth

New Year = New APHA (Novice-) Amateur or Novice Youth card!

Important and often misunderstood. The (Novice-) Amateur and Novice Youth cards are only valid for one calendar year. Top left is the end date of the card, top right the end of the membership. This means that you will need a card which is valid on the top left until 31.12.2019 and on the top right until the time of the show you will start. In our case until 30.09.2019.

Since we have to charge you a Rush Fee of 25 euros if you do it at the show, it would be better if you take care of it beforehand.

The application can be made online and the forms for (Novice) Amateur cards are now available in different languages.

So please use this option. Especially if you want to start classes in novice, it is important to know where you are still eligible to start. Later disqualifications are very annoying.

(Novice-) Amateur Card Englisch:


PS: Stalls can only be reserved if an entry is made and we can only publish the stall plans after the entry deadline. We therefore ask you to refrain from inquiries!