Entries are processed and therefore we already have some information for you.

With more than 1500 APHA starts, we have already surpassed the previous year's level. 


The Paid Warm Up Trail on Saturday is already booked. For each horse, as previously announced, only one slot was considered. Participants who have booked 2 slots for the horse will receive only one.

The Paid Warm Up Pleasure on Monday and the Paid Warm Up Reining in Friday are also completely booked. For all other paid warm ups there are slots left.


The following classes have been scratched due to lack of entry, late entries are no longer accepted for this classes:

Amateur SPB Stallions
Cutting All Ages
SPB Cutting All Ages
Working Cow Horse All Ages
SPB Working Cow Horse All Ages


The following classes are merged to provide at least one title:

SPB Junior Stallions + SPB Senior Stallions -> SPB Stallions All Ages
3 Year Old Stallions + Aged Stallions -> 3 YR, 4YR-Old & Older Stallions
SPB Junior Geldings + SPB Senior Geldings -> SPB Geldings All Ages


As there were not enough entries for the Masters Western Riding, this was also scratched. However, starts are possible in the Amateur Western Riding.


Entry numbers of the individual classes can be found in the schedule.